The International Research Training Group (IGK 1529) Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
Funding Agency DFG, JSPS
Funding Period
Associated Universities
2009 — 2012
TU Darmstadt, Waseda University, University of Tokyo
Principal Investigators Prof. Dr. Mathias Hieber, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Farwig, Prof. Dr. Yoshihiro Shibata, Prof. Dr. Masao Yamazaki, Prof. Dr. Yoshikazu Giga, etc.

Our research focuses on analytical, stochastic, geometric and optimization as well as on aerodynamical aspects of Fluid Dynamics. The program mainly seeks to combine methods from several mathematical disciplines, as analysis, stochastics, geometry and optimization to pursue fundamental research in Fluid Dynamics. The International Research Training Group distinguishes itself through joint teaching and supervision. The core program consists of interdisciplinary lectures and seminars and includes research and study periods in Tokyo.

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