possible solution for car routes

Consolidating Car Routes in Rail Freight Service


One of the most significant measures for costs in rail freight transportation is the number of train miles, that is, the number of trains times the distance they travel. In order to reduce the number of trainmiles, the aim is to find routes for the cars through the network from their origin via possibly visited intermediate shunting yards to their destination, such that the cars travel as a bundle and the utilization of the trains is as high as possible. The problem is a variety of the well known blocking problem. The aim in this project is to find optimal routes for the cars through a network under a wide range of hard side constraints which reflect today's operation of the German railroad system. Among them are constraints on the structure of the routes of the cars as well as several different types of capacity constraints. Different priority classes of shipments that use the routes are considered, as well as a nonlinear waiting time aspect.

Partners / Sponsors

The project was part of the OVERSYS project (Optimierung der Transport- und Ressourcenplanung spezifischer Schienen- und Straßenverkehrssysteme) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research from 2007 - 2010. It was a joint work with DB Mobility Logistics AG.



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