Picture by Sebastian Terfloth, taken from commons.wikimedia.org

Optimization and Simulation of Duty Rosters For Railway Crews


Employees of transportation companies typically work in shifts at irregular times. These shifts have to be served every day of the year including weekends and bank holidays. Also, a lot of shift changes occur at short notice, which may result from construction sites or illness of the drivers. These lead to changes in the crew members' duties, which again narrows their possibility to reliably plan their free time. However, the latter is of highest importance for the employees. The aim of our work was to generate cost-efficient duty rosters that are valid with respect to the regulations of the labor agreements and more stable with respect to real-life influences. The complexity of the problem has been broken down by means of techniques like moving horizon or partitioning of large crews into smaller ones. Simulating illness of staff members as well as interferences like construction sites based on statistical data, founded conclusions concerning the robustness of the duty plans.

Partners / Sponsors

The project was a joint work with A. Fügenschuh and DB Regio AG.


For further details about this project, please contact Henning Homfeld, Andrea Peter, or Christine Hayn.