Optimization is a quite young mathematical discipline with significant relevance in industry and economics. Thus there exists numerous applications in practise, e.g. within the range of Operation Research, physics or traffic systems. The chair of EDOM offers different lectures in this context, especially within the frame of the course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik".

The course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik"

Within three years, the Bachelor course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik" teaches fundamental knowledge and applications of mathematical techniques. Mathematic applications of economic questions are the center of attention. For the necessary background, basic courses both in business economics and political economics are provided. The detailed information about the Bachelor of Science in "Wirtschaftsmathematik" can be found Opens external link in new windowhere. People with a Bachelor in "Wirtschaftsmathematik" or in mathematics with specialization in economics who want to gain further knowledge in economics, "Wirtschaftsmathematik" should be the most attractive variant for the Master course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik". Within two years, additional knowledge necessary for independent and solely responsible scientific work is obtained. The detailed information about the Master of Science in "Wirtschaftsmathematik" can be found Opens external link in new windowhere. The compact information about the two studies with chances and contents can be found within our flyer, which ist provided here.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

There are many interesting Bachelor and Master Theses in line with standard usage, often in co-operation with a company in the industry. The information pages about Bachelor and Master theses provide the facts about requirements, possible topics, contact persons and previous works.

Range of lectures

Usually each term, the chair of EDOM offers lectures for Bachelor and Master students as well as a seminar, often in form of a project seminar. Further, there is a regular seminar of our working group, to which also students and visitors are cordially invited. Look at  univis for current information about lectures and seminars.

Bachelor lectures for course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik":

Kombinatorische OptimierungWinter term
Einführung in die Robuste OptimierungSummer term

Master lectures for course of studies "Wirtschaftsmathematik":

Diskrete Optimierung 1 (formerly Theoretische Grundlagen der Diskreten Optimierung)Winter term
Diskrete Optimierung 2Summer term
Robuste OptimierungSummer term
Optimierung in Industrie und WirtschaftWinter term
Numerical Aspects of Linear and Integer ProgrammingSummer term


Seminar Projekt Optimierung (ProO)Summer term
Bachelorseminar "Projektoptimierung"Summer term
Masterseminar "Projektoptimierung"Summer term
Bachelorseminar "Diskrete Optimierung"Winter term
Masterseminar "Diskrete Optimierung"Winter term

Lectures for other studies:

ILS-M6, Mathematische Verfahren der BioinformatikSummer term
Fortgeschrittene Mathematik für ÖkonomenSummer term