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Existence of global solutions of systems of reactive transport equations with mass action kinetics and species-dependent diffusion. 404 2019. [www] [BibTex]
Beyond Kozeny-Carman: Predicting the permeability in porous media. 403 2019. [www] [BibTex]
Robust simulation of mineral precipitation-dissolution problems with variable mineral surface area. 402 2019. [www] [BibTex]
Bound-preserving flux limiting schemes for DG discretizations of conservation laws with applications to the Cahn-Hilliard equation. 401 2019. [www] [BibTex]
Numerical investigation of a fully coupled micro-macro model for mineral dissolution and precipitation. 400 2018. [www] [BibTex]
Discrete-continuum multiphase model for structure formation in soils including electrostatic effects. 399 2018. [www] [BibTex]
Derivation of an effective dispersion model for electroosmotic flow involving free boundaries in a thin strip. 398 2017. [www] [BibTex]
Effective transmission conditions for processes through thin heterogeneous layers with nonlinear transmission at the bulk-layer interface. 397 2017. [www] [BibTex]
Derivation of effective transmission conditions for domains separated by a membrane for different scaling of membrane diffusivity. 396 2017. [www] [BibTex]
Past and present approaches to calculate hydrodynamic parameters in evolving porous media. 395 2016. [www] [BibTex]
Existence and uniqueness of a global solution for reactive transport with mineral precipitation-dissolution and aquatic reactions in porous media. 394 2016. [www] [BibTex]
Discrete-continuum continuum multiscale model for transport, biofilm development and solid restructuring in porous media. 393 2016. [www] [BibTex]
A characterization of relatively compact sets in $L^p(\Omega,B)$. 392 2016. [www] [BibTex]
Derivation and analysis of an effective model for biofilm growth in evolving porous media. 391 2016. [www] [BibTex]
Economic objectives, uncertainties and decision making in the energy sector. 390 2015. [www] [BibTex]
A-posteriori estimates for the rotational pressure-correction projection method. 389 2015. [www] [BibTex]
Strong solvability up to clogging of an effective diffusion-precipitation model in an evolving porous medium. 388 2015. [www] [BibTex]
Simultaneous material and topology optimization. 387 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Upscaling flow and transport in an evolving porous medium with general interaction potentials. 386 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Directional derivatives in set optimization with the set less order relation. 385 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Homogenization of reaction-diffusion processes in a two-component porous medium with a nonlinear flux condition at the interface, and application to metabolic processes in cells. 384 2014. [www] [BibTex]
A thermodynamically consistent model for multicomponent electrolyte solutions. 383 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Modeling and simulation of coagulation according to DVLO-theory in a continuum model for electrolyte solutions. 382 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Global existence of weak solutions of a model for electrolyte solutions -- Part 2: Multicomponent case. 381 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Global existence of weak solutions of a model for electrolyte solutions -- Part 1: Two-component case. 380 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Multiscale modeling of colloidal dynamics in porous media: capturing aggregation and deposition effects. 379 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Variable ordering structures in set optimization. 378 2014. [www] [BibTex]
A derivative-free descent method in set optimization. 377 2014. [www] [BibTex]
Convergence analysis of a BDF2 / mixed finite element discretization of a Darcy-Nernst-Planck-Poisson system. 376 2014. [www] [BibTex]
A thermodynamical consistent model for multicomponent electrolyte solutions. 375 2013. [BibTex]
Variational time discretization for free surface flows. 374 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Including van der Waals forces in diffusion-convection equations - modeling, analysis, and numerical simulations. 373 2013. [www] [BibTex]
An existence result for a system of coupled semilinear diffusion-reaction equations with flux boundary conditions. 372 2013. [www] [BibTex]
A homogenization approach to a system of semilinear diffusion-reaction equations in a porous medium. 371 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Optimal control for mass conservative level set methods. 370 2013. [www] [BibTex]
The CG1-DG2 method for convection-diffusion equations in 2D. 369 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Analysis of a combined CG1-DG2 method for the transport equation. 368 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Efficient preconditioning of variational time discretization methods for parabolic partial differential equations. 367 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Vectorization in set optimization. 366 2013. [Abstract] [BibTex]
On Timoshenko thin elastic inclusions inside elastic bodies. 365 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Analysis of an upwind-mixed hybrid finite element method for transport problems. 364 2013. [www] [BibTex]
Delaminated thin elastic inclusions inside elastic bodies. 363 2013. [www] [BibTex]
An interface-fitted subspace projection method for finite element simulations of particulate flows. 362 2013. [www] [BibTex]
A hybrid level set - front tracking finite element approach for fluid-structure interaction and two-phase flow applications. 361 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Particulate flows with the subspace projection method. 360 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Existence and uniqueness of a global weak solution of a Darcy-Nernst-Planck-Poisson system. 359 2012. [www] [BibTex]
An optimization-based approach to enforcing mass conservation in level set methods. 358 2012. [www] [BibTex]
A minimization-based finite element formulation for interface-preserving level set reinitialization. 357 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Drug release from collagen matrices including an evolving microstructure. 356 2012. [www] [BibTex]
A subspace projection method for the implementation of interface conditions in a two-phase flow problem. 355 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Existence of solutions of reactive transport problems with mass action kinetics and species-dependent diffusion on large time intervals. 354 2012. [BibTex]
A general reduction scheme for reactive transport in porous media. 353 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Numerical Investigation of a Homogenized Stokes-Nernst-Planck-Poisson Problem. 352 2012. [www] [BibTex]
Colloid and Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media including an Evolving Microstructure. 351 2011. [www] [BibTex]
Existence of global solutions of multicomponent reactive transport problems with mass action kinetics in porous media. 350 2011. [www] [BibTex]
On the set-semidefinite representation of nonconvex quadratic programs over arbitrary feasible sets. 349 2011. [www] [BibTex]
Cone-valued maps in optimization. 348 2011. [BibTex]
Optimal order convergence of a modified BDM<sub>1</sub> mixed finite element scheme for reactive transport in porous media. 347 2011. [www] [BibTex]
Solute transport in aquifers with evolving scale heterogeneity. 346 2011. [www] [BibTex]
Corrector estimates for the homogenization of a locally-periodic medium with areas of low and high diffusivity. 345 2011. [www] [BibTex]
Variable Choices of Scaling in the Homogenization of a Nernst-Planck-Poisson Problem. 344 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Properties of Bishop-Phelps Cones. 343 2010. [BibTex]
On reformulations of nonconvex quadratic programs over convex cones by set-semidefinite constraints. 342 2010. [www] [BibTex]
New Order Relations in Set Optimization. 341 2010. [BibTex]
Test examples for nonlinear feasibility problems with expensive functions. 340 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Accuracy of numerical simulations of contaminant transport in heterogeneous aquifers: a comparative study. 339 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Optimality conditions for vector optimization problems with variable ordering structures. 338 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Combined Deterministic-Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis; Application to Uncertainty Analysis. 337 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Simulation of fracture in heterogeneous elastic materials with cohesive zone models. 336 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Optimal control of cracks in elastic bodies with thin rigid inclusions. 335 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Towards optimization of crack resistance of composite materials by adjustment of fiber shapes. 334 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Copositivity detection by difference-of-convex decomposition and {$\omega$}-subdivision. 333 2010. [www] [BibTex]
Solving nonlinear feasibility problems with expensive functions. 332 2009. [www] [BibTex]
Material parameter optimization in a multi-layered vocal fold model. 331 2009. [www] [BibTex]
Multidisciplinary Free Material Optimization. 330 2009. [www] [BibTex]
On a Phase-Field Model for Electrowetting and Other Electrokinetic Phenomena. 329 2009. [www] [BibTex]
Vector Optimization with a Variable Ordering Structure. 328 2009. [www] [BibTex]
On Elastic Bodies with Thin Rigid Inclusions and Cracks. 327 2008. [www] [BibTex]
Results of the GdR MoMaS Reactive Transport Benchmark with RICHY2D. 326 2008. [www] [BibTex]
Bishop-Phelps Cones in Optimization. 325 2008. [BibTex]
Dependence on Initial Conditions, Memory Effects, and Ergodicity of Transport in Heterogeneous Media. 324 2007. [www] [BibTex]
A free-discontinuity problem for the registration of images with incomplete information. 323 2007. [BibTex]
Intensity based Three-Dimensional Reconstruction with Nonlinear Optimization. 322 2007. [www] [BibTex]
On the Application of the Monge-Kantorovich Problem to Image Registration. 321 2007. [BibTex]
Solving Nonlinear Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization Problems with Coupled Upper Level Constraints. 320 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Free Material Optimization with Control of the Fundamental Eigenfrequency. 319 2007. [www] [BibTex]
A Global Solver for Multiobjective Nonlinear Bilevel Optimization Problems. 318 2007. [BibTex]
A Sequential Convex Semidefinite Programming Algorithm for Multiple-Load Free Material Optimization. 317 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Set-Semidefinite Optimization. 316 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Open Questions and Research Directions in Parameter Identification for Multicomponent Reactive Transport in Porous Media. 315 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Allocation Search Methods for a Generalized Class of Location-Allocation Problems (<a href="">PDF, 300KB</a>). 314 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Two Branch {\&} Bound Methods for a Generalized Class of Location-Allocation Problems (<a href="">PDF, 200KB</a>). 313 2007. [www] [BibTex]
Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization. 312 2006. [www] [BibTex]
Scalarizations For Adaptively Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems. 311 2006. [www] [BibTex]
Connectedness of Efficient Solutions in Multiple Objective Combinatorial Optimization. 310 2006. [BibTex]
Discretization of Elliptic Control Problems with time Dependent Parameters. 309 2006. [www] [BibTex]
An Adaptive Scalarization Method in Multi-Objective Optimization. 308 2006. [www] [BibTex]
Image Registration: Several Approaches Involving Segmentation. 307 2005. [BibTex]
A Reduction Scheme for Coupled Multicomponent Transport-Reaction Problems in Porous Media: Generalization to problems with heterogeneous equilibrium reactions. 306 2005. [BibTex]
Constrained Optimization Using Multiple Objective Programming. 305 2005. [BibTex]

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