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On the solution of large-scale SDP problems by the modified barrier method using iterative solvers. 304 2005. [BibTex]
Multiobjective Search Algorithm with Subdivision Technique. 303 2004. [BibTex]
A New Numerical Reduction Scheme for Fully Coupled Multicomponent Transport-Reaction Problems in Porous Media. 302 2004. [BibTex]
A unified model for Weber problems with continuous and network distances. 301 2004. [BibTex]
Solving Nonconvex SDP Problems of Structural Optimization with Stability Control. 300 2003. [BibTex]
On the Modeling and Control of Delamination Processes. 299 2003. [BibTex]
Optimization Problems With Equilibrium Constraints And Their Numerical Solution. 298 2002. [BibTex]
Unique Reformulation of Truss Topology Design Problems. 297 2002. [BibTex]
Integer Programming Duality in Multiple Objective Programming. 296 2002. [BibTex]
Ekeland's Variational Principle for a Set-Valued Map Involving Coderivatives. 295 2002. [BibTex]
A Priori Estimates For a Mixed Finite Element Discretization of the Richards' Equation. 294 2002. [BibTex]
Mixed Finite Elements For the Richards' Equation: Linearization Procedure. 293 2002. [BibTex]
A Wavefront Approach to Center Location Problems with Barriers. 292 2002. [BibTex]
Gap-Free Computation of Pareto-Points by Quadratic Scalarizations. 291 2002. [BibTex]
PENNON - A Code for Convex Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming. 290 2002. [BibTex]
Ekeland's Variational Principle For A Set-Valued Map Studied With The Set Optimization Approach. 289 2002. [BibTex]
Analysis and Homogenization of a Phase Field Model for Binary Mixtures. 288 2001. [BibTex]
On the Solvability of Unilateral Dynamic Frictional Contact Problems of Isotropic Viscoelastic Bodies in Three and More Space Dimensions. 287 2001. [BibTex]
PENNON A Generalized Augmented Lagrangian Method for Semidefinite Programming. 286 2001. [BibTex]
Optimal Solution for Set-valued Optimization Problems: The Set Optimization Approach. 285 2001. [BibTex]
Modeling of Drug Release from Collagen Matrices. 284 2001. [BibTex]
An Efficient Method for Solving an Inverse Problem for the Richards Equation. 283 2001. [BibTex]
Shape Optimization in Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction. 282 2001. [BibTex]
Accurate Reanalysis of Structures by a Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method. 281 2001. [BibTex]
Conditions for the Invertibility of the Isoparametric Mapping for Hexahedral Finite Elements. 280 2001. [BibTex]
MOPED - An Integrated Designer Tool for Material Optimization. 279 2001. [BibTex]
A Two-Scale Method for the Computation of Solid-Liquid Phase Transitions with Dendritic Microstructure. 278 2001. [BibTex]
Uniform Error Analysis for Lagrange-Galerkin Approximations of Convection-Dominated Problems. 277 2001. [BibTex]
An Iterative Scheme for Steady Compressible Viscous Flow, modified to treat Large Potential Forces. 276 2001. [BibTex]
On Optimum Convergence Rates for Higher Order Navier-Stokes Approximations. Part I: Error Estimates for the Spatial Discretization. 275 2000. [BibTex]
Design Optimization of Structural Topology with Changing Index Sets of Constraints. 274 2000. [BibTex]
Solvability of a Nonlinear Thermo-Viscoelastic Contact Problem with Small Friction and General Growth of the Heat Energy. 273 2000. [BibTex]
Derivative Rules for Contingent Epiderivatives. 272 2000. [BibTex]
Existence of Solutions to a Thermo-Viscoelastic Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction and Heat Radiation. 271 2000. [BibTex]
Uniform Error Analysis for Lagrange-Galerkin Approximations of Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems. Part II: Time Discretization for Rough Initial Values, Error Estimates for the Spatial Discretization and Numerical Results. 270 2000. [BibTex]
Simulation of Carrier Facilitated Transport of Phenanthrene in a Multilayer Soil Column. 269 2000. [BibTex]
A Comprehensive Tool for the Simulation of Complex Reactive Transport and Flow in Soils. 268 2000. [BibTex]
Free Material Optimization: The Single Load Case - A FEM-Analysis. 267 2000. [BibTex]
Optimization of Rod Antennas of Mobile Phones. 266 2000. [BibTex]
Optimization of the Location of Antennas for Treatment Planning in Hyperthermia. 265 2000. [BibTex]
Set-Valued Optimization: A Survey. 264 2000. [BibTex]
Modern Optimization Algorithms in Topology Design. 263 2000. [BibTex]
MOPED User's Guide - Version 1.02 -. 262 2000. [BibTex]
The Penalty/Barrier Multiplier Method for Convex Programming - User Guide. 261 2000. [BibTex]
Acute Type Refinements of Tetrahedral Partitions of Polyhedral Domains. 260 2000. [www] [BibTex]
Bundle Trust Methods: Fortran Codes for Nondifferentiable Optimization - User's Guide. 259 2000. [BibTex]
Scales of epsilon-Uniform A Priori Estimates for Nonstationary Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems. 258 1999. [BibTex]
Uniform Convergence Rates for Eulerian and Lagrangian Finite Element Approximations of Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems. 257 1999. [BibTex]
Uniform Error Analysis for Lagrange-Galerkin Approximations of Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems. Part I: A Priori Analysis in Lagrangian Coordinates and Optimal-Order Error Estimates for the Time Discretization. 256 1999. [BibTex]
Identification of a Discontinuous Source in the Heat Equation. 255 1999. [www] [BibTex]
Adaptive Finite Volume Discretization of Variable Density Flows in Porous Media. 254 1999. [BibTex]
Optimal Design of Trusses Under a Nonconvex Global Buckling Constraint. 253 1999. [BibTex]
On the Modelling and Solving of the Truss Design Problem with Global Stability Constraints. 252 1999. [BibTex]
Free Material Optimization - The Single Load Case. 251 1999. [BibTex]
Newton's Method without Derivatives; Approaching Equilibrium in Parallel. 250 1999. [BibTex]
Finite Element Analysis of Free Material Optimization Problem. 249 1999. [BibTex]
Numerical Truss Topology Optimization Including Local Buckling Conditions. 248 1999. [BibTex]
The Invertibility of the Isoparametric Mapping for Pyramidal and Prismatic Finite Elements. 247 1999. [www] [BibTex]
On the Modelling of Local Buckling Conditions in Truss Topology Optimization. 246 1999. [BibTex]
Numerical Optimization Including Variable-Dependent Validity of Constraints. 245 1999. [BibTex]
A Nonsmooth Approach to Robust Truss Design. 244 1998. [BibTex]
Computing Time-Optimal Quadratic Schedules for Affine Recurrence Equations. 243 1998. [BibTex]
Existence of Solutions for the Dynamic Frictional Contact Problem of Isotropic Viscoelastic Bodies. 242 1998. [www] [BibTex]
An Iterative Two-Step Algorithm for American Option Pricing. 241 1998. [BibTex]
Basic Concepts of Vector Optimization. 240 1998. [BibTex]
Truss Topology Optimization Including Local Buckling Conditions, Part II: Numerical Treatment by Sequential Linear Programming. 239 1998. [BibTex]
Truss Topology Optimization Including Local Buckling Conditions, Part I: Modelling Aspects. 238 1998. [BibTex]
On the Numerical Optimization Including Variable-Dependent Constraint Indices with an Application to Truss Topology Design. 237 1998. [BibTex]
Existence of Solutions to a Nonlinear Coupled Thermoviscoelastic Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction. 236 1998. [BibTex]
An Introduction to Numerical Methods of Nonsmooth Optimization, and Some Applications in Structural Optimization, Part II: More Tools, Bundle Methods, Applications, Exercises. 235 1998. [BibTex]
An Introduction to Numerical Methods of Nonsmooth Optimization, and Some Applications in Structural Optimization, Part I: Nonsmooth Problems, Difficulties, Tools. 234 1998. [BibTex]
An Interior Point Method for the Topology Problem with Displacement Constraints. 233 1998. [BibTex]
Bifurcation Analysis and Transient Simulation of Combustion in Porous Inert Media. 232 1998. [www] [BibTex]
Free Material Optimization. 231 1998. [BibTex]
Cascading - An Approach to Robust Material Optimization. 230 1998. [BibTex]
A Second Degree Method for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems. 229 1998. [www] [BibTex]
Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Nonlinear Sandwich Type ODE, II. 228 1998. [BibTex]
Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Nonlinear Sandwich Type ODE, I. 227 1998. [BibTex]
Looking for an Arbitrage. 226 1997. [BibTex]
Optimal Truss Design by Interior Point Methods. 225 1997. [BibTex]
Unbiased Identification of Nonlinear Sorption Characteristics by Soil Column Breakthrough Experiments. 224 1997. [www] [BibTex]
Rotationally Symmetric Deformations of Partially Loaded Annular Elastic Membranes Without Wrinkling. 223 1997. [BibTex]
A Note on Subdifferentials of Set-Valued Maps. 222 1997. [BibTex]
Structural Identification of Nonlinear Coefficient Functions in Transport Processes Through Porous Media. 221 1997. [www] [BibTex]
Adaptive Finite Volume Discretization of Density Driven Flows in Porous Media. 220 1997. [www] [BibTex]
Free Material Design via Semidefinite Programming: The Multiload Case with Contact Conditions. 219 1997. [BibTex]
A Game Theoretic Approach to the Optimization of FDDI Computer Networks. 218 1997. [BibTex]
Optimality Conditions for Set-Valued Optimization Problems. 217 1997. [BibTex]
On First Order Optimality Conditions in Generalized Semi-infinite Programming. 216 1997. [BibTex]
On Interpolation with Products of Positive Definite Functions. 215 1997. [BibTex]
Membranes of Revolution Under Partially Vanishing Normal Load. 214 1997. [BibTex]
Free Material Optimization via Mathematical Programming. 213 1997. [BibTex]
Optimality Conditions for a Class of Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints. 212 1997. [BibTex]
Topology Optimization with Displacement Constraints: A Bilevel Programming Approach. 211 1997. [BibTex]
On Stability and Deformation in Semi-Infinite Optimization. 210 1996. [BibTex]
A Posteriori Error Estimates for Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Equations with Weakly Stable Operators. 209 1996. [BibTex]
The Lagrange Multiplier Rule in Set-Valued Optimization. 208 1996. [BibTex]
Recovery of the Support of a Source Term in an Elliptic Differential Equation. 207 1996. [www] [BibTex]
On Second Order Sufficiency Conditions and the SQP-Method Applied to an Optimal Control Problem. 206 1996. [BibTex]
Tikhonov-Regularized Source Estimation for a Reaction-Diffusion Problem. 205 1996. [BibTex]

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