Cooling of a battery module

The aim of this project is the modelling and simulation of the cooling of batteries.

OPAL - Optimization of Airlay Processes

Airlay processes are essential for the generation of lightweight components.  The goal of this project is to optimize these processes such that a certain thickness profile is obtained.

Numerical investigation of mass transfer and fluid dynamics at single deformable droplets under the influence of Marangoni-convection

An application of a two-phase flow problem with a coupled convection-dominated mass transfer equation.

Solid-liquid phase transitions with a free melt surface

An ALE Finite Element Method for a coupled system of Stefan problem and Navier-Stokes equations with free capillary surface.

Higher order time discretization for free surface flows

This project aims at providing a highly accurate, stable time discretization for the coupled system of fluid flow with a capillary boundary condition.

Propellants in rocket tanks

The aims of this project are to develop a mathematical model for the dynamical behavior of liquids under 0g conditions together with its numerical realization.

Particulate flows in industrial applications

A novel method for the simulation of a huge amount of particles will be developed in this project