Andreas Brenner: A-posteriori error estimates for pressure-correction schemes (2016)
Steffen Basting: An interface fitted finite element method for multiphysics simulations (2016)
Stephan Weller: Time discretization for capillary problems.  Juni 2015.
Kathrin Bäumler: Simulation of single drops with variable interfacial tension.  Juli 2014.
Rodolphe Prignitz: Simulation of particulate electrodynamic flows with the Subspace Projection Method. 2013

Master theses

Martha Frysztacki: A Priori Stability Estimates of the Helmholtz Equation with Variable Coefficients (November 2018)
Pascal Weinberger: Modelling and simulation of battery cooling with isogeometric analysis (November 2018)
Dennis Kessler: Herleitung und Implementierung des thermischen Schichtmodells in der Wälzkontaktsimulationssoftware TELOS. March 2018.

Markus Grauvogl:  Projektionsverfahren für die inkompressiblen Navier-Stokes-Gleichungen variabler Dichte. December 2017.

Andreas Alexander: Numerical modeling of the cold based glacier Larsbreen in Svalbardgust. August 2017.
Carola Touchy: Ein Finite Elemente Algorithmus zur Levelset-Segmentierung von Ultraschallbildern. April 2017.
Alexander Hahn: Element-Based Flux Correction Tools for Finite Elements.
Tobias Fitz: Goal-oriented mesh adaptation for slope limited DG methods.
Dominik Holzner: Particulate flows with 3D mesh alignment. July 2015.

M. Weismann. The hybrid level-set front-tracking approach. December 2012.