23.11.2017 Dr. Sebastian Reiter, GCSC, Universität Frankfurt Highly scalable parallel multigrid simulations on adaptive unstructured grid hierarchies with UG4
20.9-21.9.2017 Pascal Costanza, IMEC, Belgium Performance comparison of a DNA sequencing tool in four different programming languages
14.8-7.9.2017 Viera Kleinova, Bratislava Optical Flow
10-12.7.2017 Prof. Dr. Gennady Bocharov, Russian Academy of Sciences Moskau Mathematical Modelling of the Spatial Structure and Regulation of Antiviral Immune Responses
10-12.7.2017 Prof. Dr. Willi Jäger, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
20.6.2017 Prof. Dr. Ralf Hiptmair, ETH Zürich Shape differentiation: New perspectives
30.5.2017-2.6.2017 Prof. Dr. Endre Süli, University Oxford Existence of global weak solutions to the kinetic Hookean dumbbell model for incompressible dilute polymeric fluids
4.5-5.5.2017 Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmidt, Universität Bremen
2.5.2017 Prof. Dr. Pedro Morin, Unviersidad Nacional de Litoral, Argentina An adaptive algorithm with hierarchical B-splines
6.12.2016 Prof. Dr. Folkmar Bornemann, TU München Keine Angst vor der 1001. Ableitung
24.05.2016 Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider, TU Berlin The approximate solution of high-dimensional PDEs with hierarchical tensors and tensor networks
26.04.2016 Prof. Dr. Klaus Deckelnick, Universität Magdeburg A phase field approach to an inverse problem for a discontinuous diffusion coefficient
03.12.2015 Heiko Weichelt, MPI Magdeburg Recent Improvements in Solving Large-Scale Algebraic Riccati Equations
02.12.2014 Prof. Dr. R. Klein (Berlin) Well-balanced and scale-dependent time integration and for weakly compressible (atmospheric) flows
20.11.2014 Dr. Alexander Linke (Weierstraß Institut Berlin) On the Role of the Helmholtz Decomposition in Incompressible Flows and a New Variational Crime
13.11.2014 Benjamin Trendelkamp-Schroer (FU Berlin) A Gibbs sampling algorithm for stochastic matrices fulfilling detailed balance with resepect to a fixed stationary vector
13.01.2014 Prof. Dr. M. Picasso (EPFL Lausanne) Numerical simulation of the retreat of Alpine glaciers